Le savoir-faire tapissier MAISON BABA
Our BABA seats are handcrafted in our workshop, thanks to traditional upholstery know-how. Each model is the result of meticulous and passionate work over several hours, of which here are the manufacturing secrets...

Stage I

The shaping of our BABA !

Assembly and gluing of the seat structure in High Resilience foam…
…using an aqueous glue without solvents. Pink, it becomes transparent after a few hours of drying.
-about 15 minutes-

Stage II

The covering of the seat structure !

Sewing of the fixed cover in undyed natural thick cotton fleece.
-about 30 minutes-
…and about 10 minutes for positioning this cover on the foam seat structure.

Stage III

The pointing of the fixed cover !

Positioning and pointing of the self-gripping fabric covering the base of each seat, using upholsterers (large pins with round heads).
-about 15 minutes-

Stage IV

Sewing of the fixed cover !

Invisible finishing seam by hand, at the so-called "folding" point...
…using an upholstered square (curved needle) and very resistant linen thread, called “au Chinois”.
-about 45 minutes-

Stage V

The final dressing of our BABA !

Sewing of the removable cover, in washed linen or cotton fur.
-about 30 minutes-
…and 5 minutes for the final dressing!
We make each model with the greatest care.
This "BABA" armchair will therefore have spent more than 3 hours in our little hands before arriving at your home and making your children happy!