La petite histoire de GASTON...
You were so numerous and impatient to discover our next novelty... So to please you, we wanted to shake up our calendar a little! And this new model is the result of your suggestions. Some of you gave us a few ideas, one of which caught our attention: a cushion! It is an essential, a comforting basic that can be found in any interior where life is good.

As you know, our universe, first intended for children, is also and fundamentally designed to please adults. And the idea that you want to see our range extend to the whole family delights us!

Yes, but here it is, designing a new model means first asking yourself a lot of questions! It is to start from an idea, as simple as it is, the design of which must then meet a certain number of criteria and constraints, which are essential and which we impose on ourselves, both technical, ethical, and aesthetics. We will explain everything to you…


Find the right size

Thinking about a cushion for the whole family inevitably means asking the question of size! It should neither be too small to suit adults, nor too large to suit children... The objective being to create a small nomadic companion, ideal for moments of rest on a bed or sofa , as for playtime. . We also wanted its dimensions to be compatible with our BABA Armchairs and Sofas , thus making it possible to accessorize the backrests or armrests for even more comfort. After many sketches and just as many prototypes, we arrived at the ideal dimensions that perfectly meet all these criteria: 30 x 40 cm !

Choose the right closure for a removable cushion

There are different ways to design the closure of a removable cushion. Always for the sake of safety for our toddlers , we have chosen a so-called wallet closure , pillowcase style, without buttons or zippers likely to injure.

Look for a quality trim

It was important to us that our cushions are as beautiful inside as outside ! Our research paid off, and our wish came true thanks to a French company , located in the northeast of France, specializing in the manufacture of cushions and pillows, renowned for its know-how .

Under the GASTON envelope, you will therefore find the best of fillings : a cushion in cotton canvas , certified Oeko-Tex® Standard and filled with a soft fiber treated with triple hygiene actions (anti dust mites-fungal-mold) intended for children and babies. The little extra? This cushion pad is easily machine washable and clump-free !

An ever-increasing approach

environmentally friendly

The making of our GASTON cushions reinforces our logic of responsible production since the covers, whether in washed linen or cotton fur , come directly from scraps of fabric used for the manufacture of our range of BABA seats.

The choice of materials

Like our entire range of BABA seats and our GEORGES Plaids, the GASTON cushion is available in our five colors of pure washed linen 270 g/m2. This one is grown, spun, woven and ennobled in Europe , in compliance with social and environmental standards , and certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Ecological fiber and respectful of the environment in essence, the cultivation of flax does not require fertilizers or pesticides, and rainwater is sufficient for its development. Naturally hypoallergenic , antibacterial and thermoregulatory , linen is truly our “favourite” material!

And because you love our cotton fur just as much, GASTON is also available in this very soft version! This one is in undyed natural organic cotton 360 g/m2, made in Europe and certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 & GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The know-how

A GASTON cushion requires many manufacturing steps ! As for the washed linen or cotton fur cover, we entrust this mission to the expert hands of experienced seamstresses who coordinate all the steps necessary for the manufacture of each: patterning , cutting , assembly , overcasting and sewing !

And finally, the crash test!

Know that our GASTON Cushions have been approved after a great family battle!