Mobilier BABA

Before starting to tell you the little story of ROSANE, SUZON, MONETTE & Cie, the new products that will arrive next month, we thought it would be good to reveal the "recipe" of our BABA , whose French and artisanal tailoring is a reflection of the values ​​we defend . In our opinion, this is a great way to (re)get to know each other…

But shh, it will be our little secret!

So to make a beautiful BABA , it's like making a good cake, you need good ingredients, good utensils, a good helping hand, patience and above all, a lot of love! Come on, we'll take you to the workshop ...

  • Completion time: several hours!
  • Time of use: several years!

Materials :

  • Oeko-Tex® High Resilience Foam
  • Aqueous glue without solvents
  • Oeko-Tex® cotton fleece
  • Heavy duty linen yarn
  • Hook-and-loop fabric
  • Oeko-Tex® washed linen
  • Cotton branded label
  • composition label
  • Velcro®

Tools :

> seat structure

  • Electric foam saw
  • compressor gun
  • Upholsterers' houses
  • Curved square

> fixed & removable covers

  • big ruler
  • patronage canvas
  • Marking chalk
  • Electric scissors
  • Serger
  • stitcher
BABA Armchair

Manufacture of BABA furniture

The BABA Armchair-Pouf-Sofa furniture is made by hand , in our workshop, thanks to an artisanal upholsterer's know-how . Each model is the fruit of a meticulous and passionate work of several hours , of which here are the stages of manufacture...

Step I: Formatting

Assembly and gluing of the seat structure in High Resilience foam using an aqueous solvent-free glue. Pink, it becomes transparent after a few hours of drying. Completion time: approximately 15 minutes .

BABA shaping

Step II: Dressing

Sewing of the fixed cotton fleece cover and positioning on the foam structure. Completion time: approximately 40 minutes .


Step III: Pointing

Positioning and pointing of the self-gripping fabric, covering the base of each seat, using upholsterers (large pins with round heads). Completion time: approximately 15 minutes .


Step IV: Sewing the fixed cover

Invisible finishing seam by hand, at the so-called "folding" point using an upholstery square (curved needle) and very resistant linen thread, called "au Chinois". Completion time: 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the model.

Sewing fixed cover
Linen thread & Carrelet

Step V: Removable cover

Sewing of the removable cover in washed linen. Completion time: approximately 30 minutes … and 5 minutes for the final dressing!

Removable cover

This BABA will therefore have spent almost 3 hours in our little hands before arriving at your home and making your children happy!