Portrait de famille Lucie W.

What do our guests have in common? Our particular attachment to each of them! Their sensitivities, their professions or their commitments touch us, and we are lucky to count them among the members of our BABA “family”. Let's discover together these inspired and inspiring moms ...

Welcome to Lucia!

As we remember our first loves , at MAISON BABA we always fondly remember those who participated in its birth: our very first customers ! These moms for whom, as for us, the beautiful, the well done and the useful should always be one! Lucie is one of them. Faithful from the first hours , his trust, his benevolence, and over time his loyalty, are part of these precious supports which give our approach all its meaning on a daily basis. It is therefore quite natural that we wanted to know her better and share this little life story with you!

Self-portrait of Lucia

Hello Lucie, thank you for accepting our invitation! Some words to present you ?

Hello Marina! I live in Franche-Comté , in the Territoire de Belfort, with my three children: Alice (9 and a half years old), Louis (soon to be 7 years old) and Juliette (3 and a half years old). After having worked for several years in a hospital environment as a nurse, I am now self-employed as a liberal nurse . I work in my area of ​​residence, which makes everyday life much easier. I can go home to have a coffee, kiss my children and go back on the road.

A little secret to reconcile professional life and family life?

I am lucky to have a superb understanding with my two colleagues . So we do a work schedule that allows me to free up a lot of time with my three children! To me on Wednesdays and school outings with a snack in my pocket! Also, the children's father is a teacher , which allows us to be in “rhythm” with them.

What mom are you to your children?

I can be very demanding with them sometimes. I attach particular importance to politeness (knowing how to behave at the table, respecting others, etc...). In my opinion, knowing how to live is the key in life… Nevertheless, I can also be super cool and often let go of other aspects.

Their personality traits that affect you the most?

Lucie's children: Alice, Louis & Juliette

Alice has been a budding artist since she was little. She writes a lot, she draws comics and she has a passion for reading. She is also very sensitive. She amazes me.
Louis is the little guy in the family. Very sporty (you really need one!). It has to move, it stirs and that's normal. He moves me every day when he helps his little sister get dressed, turn on the lights that are still too high… He's a golden big brother.
Juliette is a small third. Everything rolls, it is disconcertingly easy. It's a little doll. She sings in the car and it literally melts me.

The main thing to pass on to them?

The family , self-confidence . Also make them understand that sometimes life is hard and unfair, but that it also reserves beautiful moments, even when you no longer believe in it. And tell them that I will always be there for them . Finally, I hope to pass on to them a taste for music and all the benefits it provides.

The most laborious in your role as a mother?

Fatigue… or rather, managing fatigue . By that I mean, the fatigue of a mother and the fatigue of a child… Generally the combo is rather complicated! The organization with three children is not always easy either, you have to know how to accept the big "misses".

A favorite family ritual?

We all love to cook together . Coming from an Alsatian family, little Christmas shortbreads hold almost no secrets for us. Besides, the children each have a little COSETTE blouse that we use to cook or paint!

Family cooking

Your favorite solo pastime?

Lucie's Favorite Solo Hobby

Appreciate my loneliness . Listen to lots of music . Knitting and a good hot tea make me happy. And work on my new personal challenge: learning the guitar .

Tell us about your lovely home!

Lucia's house

My home is like my refuge . It is essential for me to feel perfectly good there. I spend a lot of time there. When we bought this house, we waited almost 4 years before doing some work. Looking back, I can say that it allowed me to know exactly what I wanted, in the choice of colors, etc... For me, too many colors kill the color. I like the dominant color white, with a little touch of color. I loved decorating my children's room. It was a real playground for me.

What is the atmosphere there?

It is a very easy house to live in . The ground floor is just one large open room . This allows us to cook while watching/enjoying the children. We also enjoy playing games together in the living room while others are drawing in the dining room. The little extra are the large bay windows that overlook the garden… In summer, everything is opened and the circulation between the garden, the house and the terrace is very pleasant.

Your favorite place?

I love the garden, but we don't enjoy it all year round. I spend a lot of time in my living room , which I wanted to be very simple , unfussy, and with a decor that mixes old and modern . The khaki color on the wall brings a note of softness.

Lucia's living room

How did you think about the layout of the family living rooms?

Lucie's white linen sofa

I'm one of those who dared to wear the white linen sofa , and I don't regret it! On the one hand, this material is one of my favorite materials for its timeless appearance and its ease of maintenance , and because the white adds a little chic and luminous side that I appreciate. In the living rooms, circulation should ideally be easy and practical, for this I easily opt for minimalism in terms of furniture or seating and I easily add household linen - passion here - as a decoration or small blanket.

Faithful from the first hours, what does MAISON BABA inspire in you?

Your brand speaks to me a lot! We can't always explain why, but what is certain is that I feel a lot of sincerity and love in what you create ! That must be why! And then it must be said that your universe is superb and the quality is there, and that is not negligible!

A little word on the BABA of children?

Alice is 9 and a half years old and continues to read daily on her BABA sofa , which is currently in her bedroom. It is not impossible that it will soon migrate to the living room so that Juliette and Louis can take advantage of it. Its clean lines allow it to be in one room as in another , that's what I liked when I fell for this sofa. And I feel that it will pass the years without taking a wrinkle !

The BABA sofa d

A house for life or until the next?

No, it will certainly not be a house for life. Big personal upheavals are looming and the house is sold. Next bet: make myself a "home" elsewhere... I don't worry about the future pleasure of decorating, arranging, etc...

What does a Sunday look like at your place?

A Sunday at Lucie's

I would have dreamed of saying “everything starts with a sleep in…” but that's completely false. Seems the future belongs to those who get up early. Eh eh !!!

It all starts with a big breakfast that can last a long time . Weather permitting, we go out for some fresh air on our bikes or enjoy the garden; When the weather is very bad, it's often in the kitchen that everything happens: cookies, brioches, shortbread prepared with 4 hands to fill the little snack boxes for the coming week.

The perfect vacation?

Lucia's family home

Unquestionably in the family house , in the south of France , in which we have been going every year for a bunch of years now. You can find friends and family there. The children find their cousins. We have a great time there! Roll on this summer!

Your family in three words!

Hectic, happy & warm!

What do you wish for the future?

It's very banal, but I'm in a good position to say that the health of each other is the most important . The rest comes next!

Thank you Lucia!

“Everyone’s experience is everyone’s treasure.”

Gerard de Nerval

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