Portrait de famille Morgane B.

What do our guests have in common? Our particular attachment to each of them! Their sensitivities, their professions or their commitments touch us, and we are lucky to count them among the members of our BABA “family”. Let's discover together these inspired and inspiring moms ...

Welcome to Morgana!


Hello Morgane, thank you for accepting our invitation! Some words to present you ?

Good morning ! I live in Metz with Baptiste , my husband , and Basile , our almost 6-year-old little boy ! I am a trader and Baptiste is a musician. I also invite you to discover the artistic universe of Bat Edeaz on streaming platforms!

We had the chance to meet all three of you during a weekend dedicated to the launch shoot of our COSETTE activity blouses in August 2021. What memories do you keep of this family experience?

Basile, Morgane & Baptiste during the COSETTE shoot

A great moment of sharing , beautiful encounters , simple and sincere moments … Everything we love! It was also very interesting to participate in the launch of a product and to see how a brand works from the inside . What we especially remember are the moments experienced during this weekend , which completely reflect the values ​​conveyed by MAISON BABA!

A little secret to reconcile professional life and family life?

I have the impression that we never manage to reconcile the two as we would like to do! I think what's important, as much as possible, is to find the right balance . As a trader, it's complicated in terms of the weekdays and weekends, and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of times. I try to overcome this frustration by taking pleasure in my work . Doing what you love already allows you to be at peace and relieve yourself of some pressure.

Which mom are you for Basil?

Morgana & Basil

I have the feeling of bringing him lightness , while being there to guide him, to help him in the major stages of his construction . I try to share as many things as possible with him , to arouse his curiosity and his creativity . It's always difficult to define yourself as a mom, but in any case I do my best to be the best and offer her the best version of myself!

His personality traits that affect you the most?


Basil is a benevolent little boy. I particularly like seeing him take an interest in what other people are feeling, taking care of them if necessary. And of course he has many other character traits that touch me a lot!

The main thing to pass on to him?

What we try to teach him above all else is respect and tolerance . It is so important to know how to respect those around us and to know how to live together! And what also seems very important to us is that he knows that he has the right to feel and express himself , without shame or modesty.

The most laborious in your role as a mother?

I deeply like to please Basile so I give in a lot , sometimes a little too much! But nothing serious, in general it gives me as much pleasure as it does him!

A favorite family ritual?

I am a bit of a homebody so these moments often happen at home! Basile loves The Voice, so when it's time, the three of us sit on the sofa with a bowl of candy… and half the time he falls asleep between us in the middle of the program!

Your favorite solo pastime?

Finding decorative nuggets

I like to take care of the decoration of our apartment , so I'm always looking for the new nugget to install in our interior. This hobby is necessarily combined with Instagram!

Tell us about your beautiful apartment!

Morgan's kitchen

We have a small apartment on the ground floor of an old house from the 1930s. It's not very big so we really wanted to make it a bright and friendly place. We thought and designed the layout with the help of a great architect , Nicolas Mohoric , and we are really delighted with the result! It's a place where you feel good . And the proof that it is not the number of m2 that makes the wealth of a living space.

"Simple Pleasures"

And we are also lucky to have a large terrace and a piece of garden !

What is the atmosphere there?

I have the impression that we managed to put ourselves there. I would say it is a simple and warm place !

Your favorite place?


I'm a heavy sleeper so I'd say our room ! And I also really like Basile's room.

Happy common bazaar or domain reserved for everyone?

We have thought of the layout so that everyone has their own area... But the Baba's (Baptiste & Basile), as I like to call them, are so orderly that our little cocooning space quickly turns into a games room and/or a studio. recording !

The Baba

How did you think about the layout of Basile's room?

Basil's room

As a place where he can feel at home, free, and above all express himself. Basile loves to draw , so I set up a huge desk for him on which he can spend hours!

A little word about his BABA?

Basile & his BABA Armchair

Her BABA Armchair quickly became a central element in her bedroom . He can play there, read there, or rest there. It also becomes from time to time a key element of a car circuit or a world of dinosaurs!

What does a Sunday look like at your place?

It's spring, and what we love to do at this time is to take the bikes at the end of the morning to go to the market ! Then while Baptiste is cooking, we do a manual activity with Basile . In the afternoon, after a little siesta , we like to taste the botanical garden where we often find friends. And on Sunday evening, we like to have a little McDo dinner!

Manual activities

The perfect vacation?


I think a vacation is a perfect vacation if we're together ! It can be just the three of us , or accompanied by friends or our families . The important thing is to be able to share good times and create memories .

Your family in three words!

Basil, Morgana & Baptiste

Fusional, spontaneous and communicative!

What do you wish for the future?

To keep laughing every day! Even if we are going through difficult times, we must know how to refocus on the essentials. Positive attracts positive!

Thank you Morgana!

“Everyone’s experience is everyone’s treasure.”

Gerard de Nerval

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