You often ask us the question, and it warms our hearts that you are so sensitive to it, so today we want to share with you the values ​​that drive us . And it is here, in our workshop, that everything happens!

Welcome to our house !

BABA HOUSE workshop
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If our universe is a eulogy of minimalism and sobriety, our requirements are no less "simple": to combine aesthetics , comfort and quality to create beautiful pieces , well made and which last to accompany the daily life of families .

This state of mind guides each of our choice and implementation of concrete actions at each stage of our production. All this is fine, you will tell us, but concretely , what does this imply , for you and for us ?

Why choose "made in France"?

As a customer, when you choose to buy a product made by hand in France , this means for you:

  • Benefit from the quality of a unique and qualified know-how.
  • Actively support the economy of your country , that is to say support all the people who intervene directly or indirectly in its manufacture: manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, craftsmen, transporters, administrations, etc. ...
  • To have the guarantee of respect for social standards and more generally for Human Rights , and thus combat the deplorable working conditions, miserable wages and the exploitation of children, which are still too common in many countries.
  • Do not worsen our environmental impact : a product made in France pollutes much less than a product imported from the other side of the planet.
  • Paying a fair price , the value of which we believe is only common sense when taking into account all the previous considerations.
  • Make the choice of responsible consumption !

Our "made in France" commitments

The MAISON BABA upholsterer know-how

All our products are made by hand , with care, in France . Our seats take shape in our Trojan workshop thanks to traditional upholstery know-how . Our seat covers and linens are made just a few kilometers away, in a family clothing workshop.

Let's sum up...!

Choosing "made in France" means giving priority to quality . It means consuming better and for longer !