Fauteuil enfant déhoussable en lin lavé BABA

My BABA! »

Immediately adopted! » … « My child does not leave him! » … This is what comes back to us the most from the families who have adopted a BABA! This particularly touches us because, beyond the aesthetic and ethical aspect of our seats, you will discover how their use revolutionizes the little life of your toddlers ... and you did not imagine how much before making the experience !

And that's what we want to talk to you about today! Your BABA are your daily companions , and behind each of them there is life, emotions, little habits, rituals that are established... your little anecdotes and your touching confidences ! So we wanted to share some of them with you, highlighting what you love...

Much more than a seat, the BABA is a real daily companion ! The essential of a universe at child's height for lounging , reading or playing for hours... and years , since it is suitable for children from their first steps to accompany them up to the age of 7 . years and more !

Armchair BABA sweetdreamphotography


Take a break, read, dream, sulk or play... The BABA is a reassuring point of reference for the child , a space that belongs to them.

A mother recently told us how her 3-year-old son's BABA had transformed her daily life, her little habits at home and her childhood games! And to see that from now on, her BABA had become the point of reference for her whole little world!

BABA armchair emma.and.co


A true ally of parents , the BABA encourages quiet times when the child sits down to leaf through a book, watch a cartoon, listen to music...

Another mum told us that every day, her 6-year-old son spends hours drawing and doing all sorts of manual activities on his BABA, leaning on the coffee table in the living room... And that no one but him has the right to sit there since it's HIS chair!

Children's armchair in washed linen Quartz BABA

…Or simply to daydream and invent stories !

A mother recently told us that her 18-month-old little boy had got into the habit of settling into his BABA every morning to contemplate nature through the window!

Or even this dad who shared with us the imagination that the BABA developed in his 4-year-old daughter: at the controls of an "aeroplane", well settled in his armchair, the little one invites his imaginary passengers to come on board!

Armchair and Ottoman BABA


Combined with the pouf from the same range, the set is modular , playful and ideal for a number of activities … in complete autonomy !

Another dad told us how much his two-year-old son's BABA armchair-ottoman set had changed his relationship to books and his room in general!

BABA pouffe emma.and.co


Stable , the BABA accompanies the development of motor skills in complete safety !

And finally, how not to tell you the little anecdote of this mother, who, returning home with her 5-year-old son after a week's vacation, saw him running towards his BABA and jumping on it like crazy, exclaiming "My BABAAAA ! He missed me ! ".

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