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The podcast that finally gives voice to blended families!

Today, in France, one in ten children lives in a blended family . However, blended families are globally ignored because they are too little or badly represented. Thanks to The cool stepfamily podcast , you will hear stepmothers, mothers, stepfathers, fathers, but also stepchildren, tell you about their blended family daily life , without filter and for real!

Telling the blended family with kindness...

These blended families tell you their story , share their experience with you, tell you their anecdotes and tell you all about the challenges , but also about the richness that life in a blended family can offer . You will discover that in reality, not all mothers-in-law are stepmothers and that in real life, the blended family can be super cool too!

"I find that with this sentence, Alice pretty much sums up what the blended family is. classic, except that there, we question ourselves, we wonder, we refrain from saying maybe, or we over-analyze afterwards..."

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"That's what this podcast is about. Love, hope, girls who broke their necks, girls who died, girls who thought they had hit rock bottom sometimes, but girls who are remained standing, girls who have overcome and who want to share their story to pass on."

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Who is behind The Cool Stepfamily?

Élise, creator of The Cool Stepfamily podcast

"A lot of you ask me who I am, who is behind The cool stepfamily. I hadn't really planned to introduce myself because what I like is to highlight your stories, even if they all resonate so much with mine, every time, in one way or another. But you are so generous as to take your stories to my mic every Monday, so on second thoughts, that was the least of it ...

So that's me, Élise! I'm 39, soon to be 40. I'm in charge of communications and I have two children, Basile just 9 years old, and Gaspard, 6 and a half (very important the "and a half") whom I love with a love so crazy and powerful, with a love capable of making me climb mountains, and that's good because life has already helped me a lot to climb! I divorced in 2016. Gaspard was 6 months old and Basile, 3 years old. I lived alone with my children for 4 years, in our little cocoon.

In the meantime, I met Ben, my lover, who had a little boy by his side, Malo, who is now 7 years old. We bought a house and all 5 live in this famous blended family format that fascinates me so much.

During my time as a single mom, I would have loved to hear that there was an "after" that could be so wonderful. But no matter how much I returned to the world's internet, there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING out of the doctissimo forums, and everyone knows it, it's not always a great idea to consult this stuff. When I started going through this blended family thing with Ben, I found that it didn't feel like what I had expected, what society had served me on it.

So that's how The Cool Stepfamily was born! Because while more and more of us are going through a separation, finding themselves a single parent, being a mother-in-law or a father-in-law, more and more children are living in blended families, multiple family patterns exist, we are ultimately very little or very badly represented. Isn't that crazy? I find that yes!

See you Monday for a fantastic new episode with yet another heartbreaking blended family!"

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