“This taste was that of a small piece of madeleine (…)”

Marcel Proust

Like a smell, these few words transpose us into another world: that of the memory we leave behind. These words are those of the passionate and fascinating Guillaume Dufay , creator of La petite MADELEINE , whom we had the pleasure of meeting recently in the company of Sophie, his better half who accompanies him on this crazy olfactory adventure !

A beautiful meeting , rich and exciting as we like them, without fuss, around a good tea, where passions , visions , know-how and frank laughter intersect and fuse like evidence ! A first time at our workshop in the middle of the BABAs, then in theirs, only a few kilometers away, where all these delicate perfumes warmly intoxicate you... And guess what? There were “homemade” madeleines to taste it!

Meeting such great neighbors , who make such beautiful things that smell so good , it deserves to be shared! But beware, discovering La petite MADELEINE means plunging into the heart of Beauty, Goodness and Well Done... You will have been warned!


The little MADELEINE

La petite MADELEINE offers eau de parfum and soaps created by renowned perfumers and perfumers, handmade in France, using exceptional raw materials. La petite Madeleine is all that and much more…!

Rethinking perfume, from its formula to its case!

Eau de Parfum & Soaps

Sandalwood soul , Rain of bergamot , Naked iris , Neroli of the moons , Under the silence of the rose , Frisson of vetiver Behind these olfactory marvels hide some of the biggest names in perfumery, whose creations we all know !

" Each cold process soap is made by hand in our workshop in Troyes. It is a source of pride for me to be able to combine unique scented creations with exceptional raw materials. "

Guillaume Dufay


La petite MADELEINE scented bookmark

We had a real crush on Neroli des lunes ! So from now on, a small bookmark with the sweet scent of orange blossom and intense neroli will emerge from your parcels with each of your orders !


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