Blouse d'activité COSETTE MAISON BABA

Everyone agrees that the most important thing in life is the moments shared with our loved ones, our family, and more particularly with our children. The little moments that we quickly forget like those that we will always remember. This being the case, how to live a daily life in accordance with this priority?

The race against time...

This is a subject that challenges us constantly: time! The one we lose, the one we win. And the one we take advantage of. It is this one that interests us here and, let it be said once and for all, it is the same! If you take five minutes to read us, you are already on the right track!

The COSETTE activity blouse

  • 4 colors of Oeko-Tex® washed linen
  • For children from 2 to 10 years old…
  • And for the adults !
  • Handmade in France

The famous evening “tunnel”!

Let's take this very concrete example because, we're not going to lie to each other, when you're a parent, in the evening it's often the race. The daily chorus of tasks to be accomplished on returning home leaves little time for improvisation: homework, bathing, dinner, cleaning, etc. there is still time and, unfortunately, it is often too late. The children's bedtime is in order and our energy is at an all-time low.

The emotional or affective reservoir

It is commonly accepted that receiving love is the easiest way to fill our emotional reservoir! Our emotions work like in a reservoir: when it is full we are able to give and receive, but if it is empty, we are irritable and closed to others. When we return home in the evening after a day of work, or school for the children, our tanks are often empty...

Who "loses" wins!

What if every evening , when we got home, we started by "losing" a few precious minutes on our schedule to breathe and take the time ... fill our emotional reservoir to finally gain quality time and enjoy our children more in an environment calm and serene ?

Five Kinds of Loving Attention

Here are the five types of benevolent attention to experiment with on a daily basis to fill the emotional reservoir of your children... and yours!

  • Get closer (caresses, hugs, kisses and tickles at will!)
  • Talk to each other (exchanges, sweet words, rewarding words, encouragement, etc.)
  • Share a moment (games, activities etc…)
  • Helping with homework, supporting learning, repairing a toy, etc.)
  • Offer a “gift” (order their favorite menu, plan an outing, bring back a new book from the library, etc.)