"Slow life", what is it exactly?

It's simply the idea of ​​taking the time to live away from the frantic race of modern life. It's enjoying every moment of family life , without rushing from one appointment to another, without being constantly connected to your mobile phone, without feeling stressed by daily tasks. It means refocusing on the essentials : your family, your loved ones, your environment, your mental and physical health.

How to adopt this way of life?

There is no miracle recipe, but here are some ideas that can help you achieve it! First, it's important to define quality family time . It can be breakfast or dinner, where we take the time to talk to each other, to tell each other about our day, to share moments of complicity. It is also important to define moments of relaxation , where you completely disconnect from your mobile phone, your computer, or even television. It can be a walk in the forest, a picnic by the lake, an afternoon playing cards or board games...

Learn to let go...

What if we started by accepting that we are not perfect ? Let's accept that we can't do everything, that we don't always be running and fidgeting. Let's accept that we are not always doing something, but sometimes learn not to do anything! Let's just take the time to live!

… and live simply!

Let's live simply, let's enjoy the simplest things, let's refocus on the essentials, our families and loved ones!