Préparer Noël en famille

How many Christmas dodos is it in?

Apart from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and the list for Santa Claus , let's take advantage of the arrival of December to spend time with the family and keep the children waiting ! This week we invite you to share some activities with your children , drawn with envy here and there, to prepare for the upcoming festivities and start feel the Christmas spirit ...

We cook cinnamon rolls like at Julie's!

1 egg

400g flour

50g brown sugar 

20 cl of vegetable milk

70 g softened butter

21 g fresh baker's yeast

Pour the yeast into the lukewarm milk and mix everything by hand. Make a ball and cover it with a damp cloth and keep it near a heat source for 2 hours.


1 tbsp cinnamon

70g brown sugar

100 g softened butter

Roll out the dough and brush it with the cinnamon/sugar/butter mixture. Roll the dough and cut slices. Let them rest in a dish for 2 hours then bake at 180° and watch!

Cinnamon rolls

We create a beautiful advent calendar like at Our Wildhood!

Calendar of the
Calendar of the

We make a little door for the Christmas elves like at Camille!

Door Christmas elves

And we begin to imagine a beautiful Christmas table like… at home!

Christmas table

And to have sweet dreams while waiting to stamp in front of the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve, we read or watch the most beautiful Christmas stories with the family!